Coding Teacher

Porto, Porto District, Portugal · Mindera School


We are looking for our next Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore for our Mindera School. Do you have the magic that it takes to do it?

In Mindera School we give every young person passionate about technology the opportunity to learn how to program and prepare them to start working.

For our Coding Teacher, we are looking for someone passionate about humans and technology, combined with a strong methodical and planning skillset.

You will interact with everyone in the company, but especially with our students and our developers who also teach.


We are counting on your experience in the following areas:

- Generic computer science knowledge (from pseudo code to Object-Oriented Programming and how to debug code)

- High knowledge in Java

- Version control (Git)

- Teaching experience

Would be a plus to have good knowledge in:

- JavaScript


- Relational Databases / SQL

- SOLID principles

- (Unit) Testing

- Build systems (Jenkins, Travis..)

- Code Conventions

And, of course, teaching is what you love the most!

Being able to think of people first is key for this role: communication, trust and collaborative work, will be as relevant as any other skills, capability or experience.

You are good at

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